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The Nokia Belgian Championship Skateboarding is an initiative of Skate Vlaanderen. Skate Vlaanderen is the recognised national federation by World Skate to organise the official national competitions. At this competition you can qualify for European Championships, World Championships and…. The Olympics. Because in 2020, Skateboarding will have it’s first debute at the Olympics in Tokyo!

Olympic Sport: Skateboarding

On the 3rd of August 2016 the IOC ( International Olympic Comité) did a historical vote for Skateboarding. They voted anonymously to have skateboarding included in the Olympics at Tokyo 2020. After a long debate one thing is sure, Skateboarding is part of the Olympics now!

Who is who?

Hans Claessens

Assistent coach, paramedical employee

Rony Vanderhoydonck

President Belgium Federation of Rollersports

Anton De Groot

Organizer Nokia BK skateboarden

Skate Vlaanderen

Responsable organisation Nokia BK skateboarden


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