Why participate?

The Nokia BK skateboarding street 2019 gives you the opportunity to show of your skateboard skills. This way you can try to qualify for European championships, world championships or Olympic skateboarding.

Starting from January 2019 untill the end of may 2020 World Skate organizes  multiple competitions where you can win points for the Olympic World ranking.

The National Belgian Championship street is one of them.

Skate Vlaanderen ( Skate Flanders) tries to help top riders to enter these international competitions:

  • Top 3 Men Pro Street
  • Top 3 Women Pro Street
  • Top 3 Men Pro Park
  • Top 3 Women Pro Park

The Nokia BK Skateboarding championship will count for the selection of the top riders that can enter the international contests for the World Skate Olympic ranking list.

Enter the competition


You can enter in following categories:

  • Under 13
  • Under 16
  • Plus 16
  • Sponsored/pro Men
  • Women

To enter the competition you need to:

  • Have the Belgian Nationality
  • Be a member of the national Federation recognised by World Skate – Skate Vlaanderen

How do you become a member of Skate Vlaanderen?

  • For 1 day € 10,00
    • Free entry to Belgian Championship
    • 24/24 sport insurance

Transfer € 10,00 to IBAN BE46 9794 3341 8536 | BIC ARSPBE22 to All-Inline VZW, with mentioning “Skateboard Street” + Name, date of birth and e-mail.


extra information: rony@all-inline.be

Who makes this happen?

The Nokia Belgian Championships is an initiative of the National Federation Skate Vlaanderen vzw.

Working together with :

  • Bouilliart Evelien, Nationale skateboard coach, Employee Skate Vlaanderen
  • Hans Claessens, assistent coach, Physio
  • Rony Vanderhoydonck: chairman of the national Skateboard comité ( NSBC) and the Belgian federation of Rollersports ( BFRS)
  • Anton De Groot: Organisation Nokia BK skateboarding, BSA

Who is who?

Hans Claessens

Assistent coach, paramedical employee

Rony Vanderhoydonck

President Belgium Federation of Rollersports

Anton De Groot

Organizer Nokia BK skateboarden

Skate Vlaanderen

Responsable organisation Nokia BK skateboarden


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